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Butt hinge

Used for interior door and fire-rated door, made according BS EN1935 standard.

Security hinge

Used for exterior door, entrance door, and out-opening doors, high level security hinge.

Flush hinge

Used for interior door, wooden and aluminum door, instal without cutting hole.

Flag hinge

Used for interior door, the door leaf and frame part can install separately, assemble on site easily.

Lift off hinge

Used for public bathroom door, can keep the door keep open or close.

Soft-closing hinge

Used for interior door, keep door keep closing, with soft closing function.

Spring hinge

Used for interior door, keep door keep closing, without soft closing function.

Heavy-duty hinge

Used for wooden door and steel door, load capacity up to 160KG/Pair, without oil inside.

Heavy-duty adjustable hinge

Used for heavy steel door, load capacity 160KG/Pair, door position adjustable after installed.

What is European Standard Butt Hinge?

Door hinge is a kind of home decoration material. The hinge is often a two-fold type, consisting of a pair of metal blades connected by a shaft pin, and is a component that connects two parts of an object and enables it to move.

Butt hinge is the most regular hinge in common use model. 2 leaves connect with a spindle, Its advantages are simple installation, high load-bearing capacity and clear quality standards.

As one of the most professional butt hinge manufacturer in China, SDH provides high-quality European standard stainless steel butt hinge. We also provide more comprehensive and flexible hinge solutions for your hardware needs, such as piano hinge, pivot hinge, adjustable concealed hinge, etc.

The butt hinge structure

For a butt hinge,  the parts including:

  1. Pin
  2. Rod
  3. Hinge leaf
  4. Ball bearing
  5. Hinge leaf
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Butt hinge in different finishes

We can make different finish for butt hinge, such as Satin Nickel, Matt black, Gold PVD, AB, AC, Satin Gold, White etc., and we can make customized finish according to your color sample.

For our electro-plating inspection standard, you can click the below button to check more info.

Data and Features SSH-FR
Size in inch
(Height ×Width)
4×3 4×3.5 4×4 4.5×4 5×4 5×3.5
Size in mm
(Height ×Width)
102×76 102×89 102×102 114×114 127×102 127×89

Thickness (mm)

3 3 3 3 3 3

Can’t Find Ideal Hinge For Your Industries?

We provide customized solutions to all our customers and offer free hinge samples that you can take advantage of.

How To Install Butt Hinge?

Installation situation:

The hinge reference line is an imaginary line, running parallel with the upper frame rebate. The distance between the hinge reference line and the upper frame rebate determines the position of the hinge.It is always illustrated as a dotted line. The illustration shows the upper and lower hinge reference line according to the German standard EN1935.

The hinge reference line is independent from the hinge type and manufacturer. The distance of the hinge reference line of the upper door hinge and the door frame is always 241 ±1 mm.The distance between the upper and lower door hinge depends on the door panel height. For example, on a door of 2000 mm height, the distance between both hinge reference lines in 1435±0.5mm.

If the door panel is fitted with 3 hinges, the distance between the upper and centre door hinge reference line is 370 mm.


The calculation for the quantity of hinge:

door height≤door height≤1524mm/2 pcs
1524mm≤door height≤2286mm /3pcs
2286mm≤door height≤3048mm/4pcs

The door width in 940mm~2190mm, 1 hinge should be installed additionally

Confirm the hinge quantity according to the door weight and size, and mark the cutting position.

Cutting holes according to the hinge size, the depth same as the hinge thickness.

polish the cutting holes, the surface should be smooth and flat.

Install the butt hinge on the door frame, the 3 leaf installed on the door frame.

Confirm the hinge position on the door leaf and cutting the holes accordingly.

Install the butt hinge on the door leaf, the 2 leaf side installed on the door leaf.

Buying tips

How to choose high quality butt hinges?

Butt hinge is a very important part when considering security, there are different quality hinges in the market, and you can even tell the difference from the appearance, then how to choose a good butt hinge? We have to take the following factors into consideration.

Why Should You Choose SDH Butt Hinges?

Stainless steel Material

We make the European standard butt hinge with stainless steel material, the thickness is 3.0mm. The stainless steel butt hinge is hard enough to ensure the hinge load capacity, and can pass 96h neutral salt spray test easily, can be used in a sea-side environment.

Stainless steel material butt hinge is the best choice for fire-rated doors, the melting point of stainless steel is around 1400 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the flame is around 1200 degrees, our hinge can pass 4 hours fire rated test.

BS EN 1935 Standard

European butt hinge production is becoming increasingly automated cause the overall size of the butt hinge is fixed , automatic producing line can lower the labor cost, to achieve the lowest product price; secondly, the automatic machine producing can improve the precision, to achieve better mechanical performance and product consistency.

We have butt hinge automatic producing line, can make different size butt hinge which comply with the European standard EN1935.

ODM Service

We have 5 professional engineer who works in the door hardware industry for more than 10 yeas. We can make OEM and ODM according to your demand, apart from the butt hinge, we can also make flag hinge, flush hinge, spring hinge, lift-off hinge, crank hinge, security hinge and heavy duty hinge, we can also make butt hinges with different finishes.

As one of the most professional Euro butt hinge factory in China, we are glad to answer any questions about hinges.

SDH Butt Hinge Meets Your Sourcing Needs

BS EN1935 standard Butt Hinge, CE marked & Fire-rated

Your Reliable Euro Profile Cylinder Supplier

As the leader in euro butt hinge manufacturing industry, SDH has been successfully supplying big and small brands with customized hinges for over 10 years thanks to extensive know-how and expertise.

With cutting edge of craftsmanship, we offer worldwide industry coverage, thanks to our plants and sales offices established in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shandong, China. Passionate about our business, we are continually pushing the limits of our know-how to provide high-quality and innovative product solutions for a host of international brands.

Thanks to the hinge automatic producing machine, higher precision machining and assembly process ensures the reliability and stability of the door hinges. We pride ourselves in being one of the highly sort-after Chinese door hinge manufacturers who work to produce door hardware from scratch.

Through our modern manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed up your architectural hardware to the market, and help you gain a competitive edge.

Get Excited to move

How We Standard Out from Other Architectural Hardware Manufacturers?


Quality Assurance

 All our products comply with EN standard, inspecting 100% in the production process twice and sampling for shipment inspection, we offer 5-year guaranty for every product.


Competitive Price

We have our own factory for euro mortise lock, euro profile cylinder, butt hinge and concealed hinge. Mass production and automated production keep our costs to a minimum level.


Professional Engineer team

We have 5 professional engineers in the door hardware industry for more than 10 years. Except our long range for door hardware series, we can also make OEM according to customers unique demand.


Special Service For Growing Business

We value every customer, no matter how big or small, and we pursue mutual growth with our customers. Based on our work experience with international brands for more than 10 years, we will add value to your business for sure. 



Our Euro butt hinge compliance with EN1935, CE marked and 240 minutes fire rated. We also provide CE marked mortise lock, lever handle, lock cylinder and concealed hinge, and we can also offer certificate co-listing service.


Global Expertise Knowledge

We cooperated with the top 10 Euro architectural hardware brands for 10 years, and also make project by ourself in China domestic market, proficient in each product standard, processing technology and project requirements.

FAQ About Butt Hinge

We only make stainless steel butt hinge, including : SS201, SS304, and SS316.

The most common hinge specification is:

Hinge leaf: SS304

Pin: SS201

Inside rod: steel with zinc plated

Bearing: SS201

We can make different combination according to your need.


BB means ball bearing.

There are 2BB hinge (means with 2 ball bearing), 4BB hinge, and butt hinge without ball bearing.

The function of the ball bearing is let the hinge rotate smoothly.

2BB is the best choice, ensures both load-capacity and smoothness of hinge rotation

For butt hinge we can make 4′ / 5′ / 6′ / 8′ 

For other size, we can also make by our laser cutting machine.

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