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Cylinder with key and knob

One side with key, one side with knob opening, used for interior doors and fire-rated doors.

Double side key cylinder

Two sides with key opening, used for entrance doors, classroom doors and office buildings.

Bathroom cylinder

One side with knob, one side with coin opening, used for bathroom doors at home and hotel.

Half cylinder

One side with key opening, used for storage room doors and maintenance doors.

Double side key cylinder

Two sides with key opening, with computer key, used for entrance doors,

High security cylinder

Two sides with key opening, high security, used for entrance doors, bank doors.

Optional Knob


Optional Key


What is Euro profile Lock Cylinder?

Euro profile lock cylinder, compatible with euro door mortise locks. The cylinder cam rotated by operating key or thumb-turn, then the cylinder cam drive the mortise lock deadbolt to open/close the lock.

As the most professional lock cylinder manufacturer in China, SDH provides high-quality Euro profile lock cylinders, including cylinder with double side key, cylinder with one side key and one side knob, bathroom cylinder, half cylinder,

We also provide more comprehensive and flexible lock cylinder solutions for your hardware needs, such as aliked key, GMK system, high security cylinder.

Lock cylinder in different finishes

We can make different finish for lock cylinder, such as Satin Nickel, Matt black, Gold PVD, AB, AC, Satin Gold, White etc., and we can make customized finish according to your color sample.

For our electro-plating inspection standard, you can click the below button to check more info.


The cylinder structure

For a double side key cylinder,  the parts including:

  1. Cylinder core
  2. Clutch
  3. Cylinder cam
  4. Fix spring
  5. Cylinder body
  6.  Cylinder core Pin
  7. Cylinder pin
  8. Spring
  9. Pin
  10. Key
For more information about euro profile cylinder, please check the below button to find out more.

Why Should You Choose SDH Lock Cylinder?

Brass Material Lock Cylinder

According to different budget, we choose different material to make the cylinder, such as:  stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, aluminum. For stainless steel lock cylinder, it’s usually used for the long time fire-rated doors, but the cost is high. For Zinc and aluminum cylinder, it’s cheaper, but the strength and toughness is not good. For Brass cylinder, can meet all the conditions for daily use it’s the most common choose. 

Why use brass to make lock cylinder? 1. brass not easy to rust; 2. brass is hard, and has good toughness, not easy to break; 3. brass is abrasion resistant.

Automatic Producing Machine

Lock cylinder production is becoming increasingly automated cause the overall size of the Euro profile lock cylinder is 33X17X10mm , automatic producing line can lower the labor cost, to achieve the lowest product price; secondly, the automatic machine producing can improve the precision, to achieve better mechanical performance and product consistency.

We have 4 different lock cylinder automatic producing line, can make double side key cylinder, cylinder with knob and key, bathroom cylinder and half cylinder which comply with the European standard EN1303.

OEM/ODM Service

We have 5 professional engineer who works in the door hardware industry for more than 10 yeas. We can make OEM and ODM according to your demand, apart from the double side key cylinder, cylinder with key and knob, bathroom cylinder, and half cylinder, we can also make Grade 5 GMK system, alike key, High-security cylinder. We can make cylinder from 45mm-120mm with different finishes.

As one of the most professional Euro profile lock cylinder factory in China, we are glad to answer any questions about Euro cylinders.

Buying tips

How to choose high quality lock cylinder

Lock cylinder is a very important part when considering security, there are different quality cylinders in the market, and you can even tell the difference from the appearance, then how to choose a good cylinder? We have to take the following factors into consideration.

How to choose and install the Lock Cylinder?

When we install or replace the euro profile lock cylinder, we have to take the factors below into consideration:

1.Choose the right cylinder type according to the  door type or using consideration.  Mainly including: knob cylinder for interior door and fire rated door, double side key cylinder for entrance door, bathroom cylinder for bathroom, half cylinder for storeroom and maintenance room.

2.Calculate the length of the cylinder: cylinder length= door thickness + escutcheon thickness *2 (generally, there are 2 pcs escutcheon, inside and outside of door). If the mortise lock is not at the middle of the door leaf, you should measure the size and choose the unequal cylinder.

3.Check the backset of the mortise lock to choose the cylinder fixing screw length. The cylinder fixing screws length= mortise lock backset +10mm





how to install the mortise lock cylinder

SDH Cylinder Meets Your Sourcing Needs

BS EN1303 standard euro profile lock cylinder, CE marked, GMK and Aliked key available

Your Reliable Euro Profile Cylinder Supplier

As the leader in euro profile brass lock cylinder manufacturing, SDH has been successfully supplying big and small brands with customized cylinder for over 10 years thanks to extensive know-how and expertise.

With cutting edge of craftsmanship, we offer worldwide industry coverage, thanks to our plants and sales offices established in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shandong, China. Passionate about our business, we are continually pushing the limits of our know-how to provide high-quality and innovative product solutions for a host of international brands.

Thanks to the cylinder automatic producing machine, higher precision machining and assembly process ensures the reliability and stability of the cylinder.We pride ourselves in being one of the highly sort-after Chinese euro bass cylinder manufacturers who work to produce door hardware from scratch.

Through our modern manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed up your architectural hardware to the market, and help you gain a competitive edge.

Can’t Find Ideal Lock Cylinder For Your Industries?

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free euro profile door lock cylinder samples that you can take advantage of.

Get Excited to move

How We Standard Out from Other Architectural Hardware Manufacturers?


Quality Assurance

 All our products comply with EN standard, inspecting 100% in the production process twice and sampling for shipment inspection, we offer 5-year guaranty for every product.


Competitive Price

We have our own factory for euro mortise lock, euro profile cylinder, butt hinge and concealed hinge. Mass production and automated production keep our costs to a minimum level.


Professional Engineer team

We have 5 professional engineers in the door hardware industry for more than 10 years. Except our long range for door hardware series, we can also make OEM according to customers unique demand.


Special Service For Growing Business

We value every customer, no matter how big or small, and we pursue mutual growth with our customers. Based on our work experience with international brands for more than 10 years, we will add value to your business for sure. 



Our euro profile lock cylinder compliance with EN1303, CE marked and 60 minutes fire rated. We also provide CE marked mortise lock, lever handle, butt hinge and concealed hinge, and we can also offer certificate co-listing service.


Global Expertise Knowledge

We cooperated with the top 10 Euro architectural hardware brands for 10 years, and also make project by ourself in China domestic market, proficient in each product standard, processing technology and project requirements.

FAQ About Lock Cylinder

There are many different kinds of lock cylinder in the market, such as American cylinder, oval cylinder, Chin GB cylinder and Euro standard lock cylinder, it’s for different market, and the cylinder type, size and standard are different.

Euro profile lock cylinder mainly used in Europe at the early stage, it is used with the euro mortise lock together, cylinder size based on DIN18252, section size 17X33X10mm, cam size R15X6.5mm. If the size too big, it will be stuck when operate the lock; if the size too small, it will be sliding when operate the lock.

The Euro profile lock cylinder should compliance with BS EN 1303 standard, durability test 50,000 cycles at least. And fire-rated cylinder needed accordingly for the fire-rated doors.


We have to choose different lock cylinder for different doors and using conditions.

Cylinder with one side knob and one side key, open or lock the door by operating the key from the outside, or turning the knob from the inside. Generally used for interior door and fire-rated door, it’s the most common cylinder type in the market.

Double side key cylinder, we can use the key to open or lock the door from the both side.It’s mainly used for high security doors, such as the entrance door.

Bathroom cylinder is the cylinder one side with knob and the other side with slot, you can open the door  by turning the knob from the inside, or rotate the slot by a screwdriver from the out side, it’s used for bathroom doors.

Half cylinder, one side with key, can only open by key from the outside, generally used for the repair and maintenance doors or storage room doors.



Cylinder length= door thickness + escutcheon thickness *2 (generally, there are 2 pcs escutcheon, inside and outside of door). If the mortise lock is not at the middle of the door leaf, you should measure the size and choose the unequal cylinder.

Otherwise, for rebated door, we use unequal knob cylinder generally, we have to confirm the cylinder size on the key side and knob side separately. 

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to Normal Yale key VS Computer key. This is simply a difference in usage habits.

Generally, a cylinder with 3 YALE key or with 5 computer key.

For YALE key, it’s easy to make a copy, security level is not very high.

For computer key, you can open the cylinder by using the both side of the key, it’s more convenient, the computer key is difficult to duplicate, the security level is higher.



There are 5,6 or 7 pins in the cylinder according to the cylinder length, the combination of the pins determine the cylinder mutual opening rate. For example, 6 pins cylinder mutual opening rate is around 1/1800.

We can make the aliked key cylinder and GMK system cylinder by different key combination.

GMK called general master key, the key can only open the own cylinder, the MK1 can open all the cylinder in this MK1 group,  the GMK can open all the cylinder group (MK1,MK2…).

GMK usually used in hotel, hospital, school, factory. It’s easier for different door management.

Check the backset of the mortise lock to choose the cylinder fixing screw length. The cylinder fixing screws length= mortise lock backset +10mm

The fixing screws size is M5 screws, the thread of the screw must match the thread of the lock cylinder .

Generally, the material of the lock cylinder fixing screws is stainless 304, stainless 201 or steel plated.

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