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Mortise Lock Type


Used for interior, exterior and fire-rated doors. Press handle to draw back the latch, or use cylinder to open/lock the door. The cylinder can also operate the latch.

Passage lock

Used for interior doors, it can be opened from both inside and outside by press the handle, there is no security function, just in order to achieve windproof, heat insulation and soundproof.

Deadbolt lock

It can be opened from both the inside and outside only with a key and does not have a latch for opening it. It is a suitable lock for storerooms.

Bathroom lock

Handle operate the latch, with the thumb turn, an emergency release indicator enables it to be mounted outside the door. Suitable for bathrooms.

Night latch lock

Mortice night latches automatically lock when doors are closed, press handle to open from inside, and can only open with key from outside.

Anti-panic lock

An internal lever allows a single escape, simultaneously operating the latch bolts and bolts in a single action. Its installation is suitable for escape doors.

Classroom lock

When the outside of the lock is locked with a key, the latch bolt can be retracted from the inside. And you can always exit immediately by using the inside lever. It is usually attached to the door of the classroom.The classroom lock is also a kind of anti-panic lock.

Roller lock

Used for single or double way opening doors in public high frequent using condition. Press the door to open directly when deadbolt unlocked, just in order to achieve windproof, heat insulation and soundproof.

Hook lock

used to secure sliding doors from the outside. By twisting the lever from the inside (or turning the key from the outside), the hook-shaped bolt rotates up to hook into the frame, preventing the door from opening or sliding.

Magnetic lock

magnetic latch lies flush within the gearbox when the door is open and is therefore virtually invisible. Magnet draws the latch into the striker plate and hold it in place. This intelligent detail is what makes it extremely quiet.

Narrow lock

Used for narrow profile aluminum doors. Press handle to draw back the latch, or use cylinder to open/lock the door. The cylinder can also operate the latch. The lock over all size is narrow to fit the door profile.

X-ray lock

Used for X-ray room in the hospital, use two half handle and 2 half cylinder. The handle and half cylinder can operate the latch and deadbolt from both side separately.

What is Euro profile Mortise Lock?

Euro Profile mortise door lock is a cylinder-shaped lock. In some cases, they are also called door barrels. In these locks, if the key pattern matches the pins inside the lock, you can turn the key. Once the key is turned successfully, the middle part of the cylinder, known as the cam, will also turn. And when the cam is activated, the door locks will be locked or unlocked.

This lock offers protection and security to a variety of properties, both domestic and commercial. However, since the euro cylinder lock is so easy to install, modify with additional security measures, or replace, it is one of the most commonly used lock profiles by locksmiths and architectural ironmongers.

Mortise lock in different finishes

We can make different finish for lock forend, striking plate, latch, and deadbolt. Finish  such as SSS, Matt black, Gold PVD, AB, Satin Gold, etc., and we can make customized finish according to your color sample.

For our electro-plating inspection standard, you can click the below button to check more info.

The lock structure

For a Euro profile mortise sashlock,  the parts including:

  1. Forend-SUS304
  2. Lock case-steel galvanized
  3. Follower washer-steel plated
  4. Follower-SUS304
  5. Follower sprin-65Mn
  6. Latch-SUS304
  7.  Latch action arm-steel plated
  8.  Deadbolt clutch plate-steel plated
  9.  Deadbolt spring-65Mn
  10.  Deadbolt-SUS304
  11.  Action arm-steel plated
  12. Deadbolt pin-Q195
  13. Lockcase-steel galvanized
  14. Screws-SUS201
For more information about euro profile mortise lock, please check the below button to find out more.

Why Should You Choose SDH Mortise Lock?

1. A big range of lock types

We SDH have focus the mortise lock manufacturing for more than 10 years, we have a big scope of euro profile mortise lock in China. Now we have a lock series including Mortise sashlock,  passage lock, deadbolt lock, panic lock, classroom lock, bathroom lock, and some customized lock according to customer’s unique demand.

According to different budget, we choose different material to make the mortise lock, such as:  stainless steel 316, SS304, and SS 201. For stainless steel lock, it’s usually used for the long time fire-rated doors, Most of our locks are CE marked and Fire-rated.


2. CE Marked & Fire-rated

For the normal locks such as sashlock, passage lock ,deadbolt lock and bathroom lock, these all comply with the European standard EN12209. With 200,000 cycle test for latch bolt, 50,000cycle test for deadbolt, and 60NM for lock follower torque test. So it can be used in the high frequent using environment.

The dead bolt and latch are made in SUS304 material, can bear side load 3000N , and can pass 96 hours neutral salt spray test easily.Fire rated 240 minutes for mental doors, and 120 minutes for wooden doors, can be used for fire rated doors in the project.

We can also offer certificate co-listing service conditionally if you need in your market. 

lock design

3. ODM Service

We have 5 professional engineers who works in the door hardware industry for more than 10 yeas. We can make OEM and ODM according to your demand, apart from sashlock, passage lock, deadbolt lock, bathroom lock, and night latch lock, we can also make anti-panic lock, classroom lock, magnetic lock and narrow lock. We can make locks with customized size and customized finishes.

As one of the most professional Euro profile mortise lock factory in China, we are glad to answer any questions about Euro door locks.

Welcome to inquiry if you have any questions about mortise door lock, We think we have the ability to help you with our engineer’s ODM experience.

Buying tips

How to choose high quality lock

Mortise lock is a very important part when considering security, there are different quality locks in the market, and you can even tell the difference from the appearance, then how to choose a good mortise lock? We have to take the following factors into consideration.

The most important testing factors for mortise locks

Load & Torque test

Side load 3000N for latch and deadbolt ; follower torque 60NM according to EN Grade 3.

Cycle test

Lock latch cycle test for 200,000 cycles; Deadbolt cycle test for 50,000 cycles.

Corrosion test

Stainless steel material, can pass neutral Salt spray test for 96 hours without any rust.

How to change the lock latch direction?

Tool:  screwdriver

From the back side of the mortise lock case,  push the latch out of the lock case with the screw driver;

Rotate 180° when the latch is higher than the forend;

Release the latch into the lock case carefully.

Be careful not to scratch the lock forend during operation.

How to choose and install the Mortise Lock?

Door types, sizes, and security levels are taken into consideration when choosing Euro mortise locks.

  1. Types of Door
  2. Door material
  3. Security
  4. The size
  5. CE marked and fire-rated locks for fire-rated doors.

It is crucial to install a euro cylinder lock correctly. Follow is a step-by-step process to install a Euro mortise lock.

  1. Insert the key into a euro cylinder lock with a keyhole to align the cam tongue with the lock body.
  2. Screwing the cylinder in place is the next step.
  3. Then, this fixing screw goes into the lock plate hole above the cylinder housing.
  4. Next, the fixing screw must be tightened
  5. Afterward, use the screwdriver to tighten the central screw to secure the lock in place.

SDH Mortise lock Meets Your Sourcing Needs

BS EN12209 standard euro profile mortise lock, CE marked & Fire-rated

Your Reliable Euro Profile Lock Supplier


We SDH hardware as one of the most professional euro profile mortise door lock manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, we have established a strong cooperation with many famous international architectural hardware brand company. 

We know well about the European BS EN standard for architectural hardware. We can help you choose the products suitable for your local market with competitive price. And thanks to our professional team, the conversation between us becomes easy, it’s time-effective for both of us.

Let us know if anything we can help about door hardware, we will not let you down.


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We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free euro profile door lock samples that you can take advantage of.

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Quality Assurance

 All our products comply with EN standard, inspecting 100% in the production process twice and sampling for shipment inspection, we offer 5-year guaranty for every product.


Competitive Price

We have our own factory for euro mortise lock, euro profile cylinder, butt hinge and concealed hinge. Mass production and automated production keep our costs to a minimum level.


Professional Engineer team

We have 5 professional engineers in the door hardware industry for more than 10 years. Except our long range for door hardware series, we can also make OEM according to customers unique demand.


Special Service For Growing Business

We value every customer, no matter how big or small, and we pursue mutual growth with our customers. Based on our work experience with international brands for more than 10 years, we will add value to your business for sure. 



Our euro profile locks compliance with EN12209, CE marked and 240 minutes fire rated. We also provide CE marked cylinder, lever handle, butt hinge and concealed hinge, and we can also offer certificate co-listing service.


Global Expertise Knowledge

We cooperated with the top 10 Euro architectural hardware brands for 10 years, and also make project by ourself in China domestic market, proficient in each product standard, processing technology and project requirements.

FAQ About Mortise Lock

There are many different types of mortise lock, we have to choose the lock type according to the door type and using condition.


For European standard mortise lock, the most common size is 55mm backset, 72mm C-T-C distance. 

In order to suit more door profile, we can make C-T-C 72, 85 and 92 mm; for backset, we can make from 20 to 100mm.

30 days for regular products.


Yes, of course.

Free samples are available for you to check the quality, and we have stock for regular products, you just need to offer your express collective account like DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc.

Yes, we can offer ODM service.

We have 5 professional engineer who work in the door hardware industry for more than 10 years, we are glad to help and add value to your business.

5 years warranty for production function.

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